James Bond 007 – Casino Royale » casino royale 4

Pubblicato: 14/01/2011 | La dimensione originale è di 500 × 508 pixel


  1. dear Otoreview,I've read thru almost all posts. U r such a great guy, giving very detail advice and very honest too ( esp quoting custom as bl**s***** , he heh)Keep up the good work ( ?work) i.e. ur passion .. some reader who don not have questions really appreciated ur kind passion …

  2. Trisha ha detto:

    send it in, they will examine it and see if it is still under warranty, and hopefully they will fix it without a charge. The camera takes awsome pictures and mine is definatly waportreof, its just missing the suncap over the lens. Ill be upset if they dont honour the warranty. Does anyone know about the new super tough stylus 8000? its the newer version of the 1030sw.


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